Taking time out

To breathe.

To nap.

To chill.

Phew….Chinese New Year visitations can be quite exhausting, and Bren and I are adamant about pacing ourselves. A lot of eating, a lot of talking, a lot of *everything*. It doesn’t help that both of our families are huge, so just visiting immediate relatives itself is a big deal. Well, more to love ya. πŸ˜‰

In the midst of all of it, decided to take time out to bake fresh peach cake! So wonderful to be able to enjoy it this morning, & to take a break from all the usual festive delicacies, haha. I think I’ll have it for our tea later too…


Bren is sleeping right now. Recharging before we head off to meet my side of the relatives in the evening. As for me, I think I’ll do the dishes in a bit, then catch up on rest too.

Here are photos…
of our Reunion Dinner moments:


…and this morning’s:


Okie, good night. 😍


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