6 things I {like} about Bren 💕

Chinese New Year celebrations with the family has a way of bringing me to place of deeper adoration and appreciation for the people & things around me. It makes me look around at the abundance of love, generosity, and relationships, and taking in those moments allows me to give thanks, no matter what our life situation brings.

People say, it’s sometimes easier to love, than to like. After a few years of married life, I see a glimpse of what they’re saying. I can love my husband, but may not like what he’s doing. And after a while, if I stop consciously looking for things I like about him, I may find myself wondering – what in the world attracted me to him in the first place? And that’s not a place I want to find myself. No, no, no. 🙂

So I thought it’d be apt to jot these thoughts down, and use it as a constant reminder as to how much I should be giving thanks for.

So here goes…6 things I {like} about Bren:

1. He is a big saver. He doesn’t scrimp on things that are essential, but he consistently sets aside substantial amount of money for savings. I’m thankful that he is wise with our finances, and guides me in learning to be balanced in our savings and expenditure. Once in a while, he’ll treat himself to a new gadget {his soft spot, haha}, but he’ll figure a way out to sell an old gadget so the expenses will not be high. If he wasn’t such a prudent person and big saver, I’m not sure if we would be able to help his family tide through the tough times few years back, or even be able to afford our IVF treatment. 

2. He makes me laugh. It’s such a simple thing {because I’m amused quite easily}, but so essential for our relationship to be able to withstand the hard knocks. He would crack me up even right from the beginning of the day – just by being himself. Even during the very stressful period of going through the treatment, his silliness kept our smiles on 🙂 and lightened my mood so much, when just a moment ago, I could have just wanted to cry. Thank God for his sense of humour. 

3. He is honest. How do I know? Well, in my first year of marriage, I would search for {supposedly} simple recipes to cook for both of us, get all excited while the meat gets cooked in the oven, … plate it up proudly and dish it up like a happy wife would. And then, *bam* Bren’s face turns sour as he dishes out the honest opinion for-the-day, haha. That is why I’m so thankful whenever I succeed at cooking or baking something these days, because those days of fumbling around were really not that enjoyable! Bren says it as it is, and I know he means well. 😉

4. He values my opinion when shopping. It’s fun to shop for his clothes/shoes/bags, because he doesn’t take a long time to choose {yes, I’m one of those fast shoppers who know what they want and just get it; I hardly window-shop}, and better yet, he gets quite adorable whenever he looks innocently at me and asks for my opinion. It’s fun to shop with him!

5. He cares deeply for his family. It tells a lot when a man cares for his loved ones, and though Bren is not much of an affectionate person outwardly, the way he quietly provides for his family and at times, holds family meetings with his relatives to discuss somber topics, makes me proud and thankful to have such a wise and responsible husband. He is a family-man, and I appreciate that so much. 

6. He is driven and has good work ethics. He doesn’t become lazy when things are smooth-sailing, but instead thrive on challenges and tough situations. His strength is in making things work in the simplest, most logical way possible, {I have many aha! moments whenever I process things with him} and when he shares about his work, he would sometimes develop a glow about him. He always makes sure his portion is done well, and I can say that no employer is shortchanged by him. He gives of his best all the time. 🙂

::Sure there’s more to like about my dear husband, but I’m in the midst of preparing Chinese New Year food for tomorrow’s lunch gathering, ha…ha…so I think 6 points are a good starting ground.

Shall end off with a few more Chinese New Year captured moments, that really, really make my heart smile.




Off to cook! 💓


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