It’s early in the morning

and my body alarm clock automatically woke me up at 5am.

I just couldn’t get back to sleep.

I’d set my alarm for 620am.

But my mind was already thinking through the menu for lunch today.

Running through the list of things to prepare before my family comes over in the afternoon. 🙂

Still feeling a little sleepy, but I’m going to start preparing. All for them, my dear loved ones.

A meal may seem so simple, but God works through the simplest things to display His love. So I pray, that this lunch gathering to celebrate my Mum’s birthday will be so filled with His divine presence, and amazing love. That every morsel of food will be sanctified and be nourishing to us who partake it.

::We had steamboat dinner last night with Mum’s side of the relatives. Just looking at the feast that was prepared, I could feel Mum’s love. God’s love displayed through her annual act of service for our relatives.


It blesses and inspires me. ❤️


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