Au Petit Salut

Had lunch with in-laws @ this French restaurant, Au Petit Salut yesterday, and the food was SO GOOD. Especially loved their French Onion soup & Creme BrΓ»lΓ©e.

Lovely ambience, and very attentive service. Would love to go there once more!


πŸ’— my little love note to you: how was your weekend? πŸ™‚


Taking time to reflect…


Do you have a time set aside for reflective moments?

Lately, my reflective moments have been usually early in the morning. It’s quiet, peaceful…and a good way to start my day. Watching the sun rise is nourishing to my soul too. It reminds me that another day has begun. More than that, it reminds me that we are gifted with another day of blessings, another day of His miracles. Got to keep giving thanks for that. πŸ™‚

I would jot down my thanksgiving {usually 3} for the day before, and use that time to close the chapter on the day past, and look foward to what God has in store for the brand new day.

Nothing too complicated, and I find it really helps me put my heart in the right posture to receive each day. Each new day of possibilities, and yes, even when that day brings with it a certain dread. Keeping my focus on God always helps me to remember, we’re all on a different journey, experiencing things in similar yet very different ways too. Just love, I’ll remind myself.

And when I personally experience how wonderful God’s love is, I can’t help but want to pour it into another’s life too.

πŸ’— my little love note for you: do you have a practice of setting aside time to reflect too? how does it help you? may your reflective moments bring you a greater awareness of your impact on others, and lead you to a deeper place of thanksgiving too. πŸ™‚

Mothering our souls

I’m seated comfortably in a cafe, listening to a mix of Chinese New Year songs and pop songs ringing both at the same time…and reading THIS: The Kind of Mothering We All Need

My heart is resonating so much with it. It is what I was pondering about as I wrote about my homemaking journey. Taking care of ourselves, and recognizing what nourishes our soul is so important for not just surviving this noisy world, but thriving in it too.

Makes me give thanks for my recent moments of soul-care:

🌷 having quiet time at the beach with the Lord…

🌹baking ginger cookies πŸ™‚

🌻 enjoying a lemon-lychee cake, just because.


πŸ’— my little love note to you: what are your thoughts after reading that wonderful post on mothering yourself? I hope it inspired you as much as it did my heart. Let’s give ourselves space to be taken care of.

Happiness :)

Reminiscing a quick catch-up with friends over Sunday’s lunch…


& receiving the love from a friend who has moved past misunderstandings. Praise God for His work in us!

πŸ’— my little love note for you: what happy moments have you recently experienced? Share with me! I’d love to rejoice along with you. πŸ™‚

My Homemaking Journey: March ’15

Since I’ve had about 2 weeks worth of the stay-home wife experience, I thought it would be nice to jot down my thoughts as each month passes. It’s such a new journey, and I don’t want to take the things I learnt, and things I’m still in the process of learning, for granted. And hopefully, with each month that passes, my homemaking journey will grow into one that continues to glorify Him, the One who is the Center of our marriage.

In February, the huge difference was how I intentionally made time for me. It wasn’t that I didn’t do it in the past, but as a homemaker, it’s very easy to get caught up in doing many things for others, and as a result, neglecting yourself. You tend to dismiss your desires, and before you know it, the irritable, short-tempered person takes over the sweet, sweet personality that your husband usually sees. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way??

We need to serve out of what we already have. We cannot give others what we do not have.

So I’m learning that I’ve to first make sure that my needs are met, to set aside time to just be nourished.

Here are a few of my favorites:
πŸ’› reading a good novel at the couch
πŸ’™ baking something delicious
πŸ’œ watching the sun set @ Harbourfront
πŸ’š taking a stroll @ Botanical Gardens
❀️ enjoying the breeze @ East Coast Park
πŸ’— getting a magazine & sipping on soup-of-the-day at a cafe in town


When I take better care of myself, Bren gets greeted by a more cheerful wife. I’m every bit better for him when I’m in a cheerful spirit. I have more capacity in my heart to listen to his work woes, more energy to simply be there for him, not feeling drained out by the time he comes home. The atmosphere at home is so important in affecting our moods, and I believe that as wives, we have the ability to set the tone at home to be one of good cheer, one that is loving…but it all begins first by our hearts being taken care of.

πŸ’— my little love note for you: so go ahead – make that spa appointment, arrange something special just for yourself…do something that you’ll enjoy {without necessarily spending a bomb}! You are so loved, by our Almighty Father. πŸ™‚