Taking time to reflect…


Do you have a time set aside for reflective moments?

Lately, my reflective moments have been usually early in the morning. It’s quiet, peaceful…and a good way to start my day. Watching the sun rise is nourishing to my soul too. It reminds me that another day has begun. More than that, it reminds me that we are gifted with another day of blessings, another day of His miracles. Got to keep giving thanks for that. 🙂

I would jot down my thanksgiving {usually 3} for the day before, and use that time to close the chapter on the day past, and look foward to what God has in store for the brand new day.

Nothing too complicated, and I find it really helps me put my heart in the right posture to receive each day. Each new day of possibilities, and yes, even when that day brings with it a certain dread. Keeping my focus on God always helps me to remember, we’re all on a different journey, experiencing things in similar yet very different ways too. Just love, I’ll remind myself.

And when I personally experience how wonderful God’s love is, I can’t help but want to pour it into another’s life too.

💗 my little love note for you: do you have a practice of setting aside time to reflect too? how does it help you? may your reflective moments bring you a greater awareness of your impact on others, and lead you to a deeper place of thanksgiving too. 🙂


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