Long but fruitful day :)

Had lunch with family @ Seafood International {love their crab beehoon soup!} this afternoon before accompanying dad to the hospital. It was so nice seeing my dear nephew, Kaeson smiling away so happily! 

After the meeting with the surgeon was over, we headed over to my place for dinner and desserts, where Bren later joined us too. Parents started sharing about our family tree {my family is HUGE}, and the different stories passed down through the years. Always nice to hear such recollections! 

Now, going to have an early night’s rest…πŸŒ™


Keep giving thanks…

My first trimester was pretty uneventful, in a good sense. My main thanksgiving was how God arranged for me to stop work, so that I could focus on resting and being a conducive environment for baby to grow in. 

Now that I’m entering into the second trimester, I’m reminding myself of how easy it can be to get lost in the whole “pregnancy journey stress”…and forget to celebrate. 

Celebrate what? you may ask. Well, pretty much every and any good thing! This parenthood journey is something I don’t want to ever take for granted, and I’m praying that we’ll keep focusing on God and rely on His leading, His strength, His grace…and not our own wisdom. 

Every milestone, every good report, every wonderful thing that happens along this journey – all happens by the grace of God. 

So on Saturday, we intentionally made time to go to town to celebrate the end of my first trimester! Enjoyed my favorite Cantonese Noodles @ Grandma’s Kitchen, treated ourselves to yummy frozen yogurt, and bought a cute little onesie for our baby girl. 

May we continue to cherish every bit of this awesome adventure and may His presence continue to be soaked in every aspect of it…☺️

Belated birthday meals

Cousin & church friends treated me to delicious meals as belated birthday celebrations over this weekend. It was great sharing with them about little baby too!

Belated or not, it’s the thought & effort that matters most to me. Always so sweet to be in their presence!

Let’s have a fantastic week ahead! 🎈

It’s a girl!!Β 

I tortured Bren for an hour, insisting that I tell him baby’s gender only when he meets me for dinner. Poor him rushed over straight away, haha. Thankfully, when the nurse called, it was already evening and his company was having an Earth Day party. πŸ˜†

It took him a while to realise it, because he always thought it’d be a boy. 

But by the end of the dinner, he was already in {over}protective daddy-mode. 

We shared it with our family yesterday over breakfast at Marche. It was so fun having them get together! 

 Looking foward to this new adventure with our little darling! πŸŽ€

I’m back! :)

Wow, thank you for your texts & comments that asked about how I was. I honestly didn’t think anyone would realize when I decided to take a blogging break. It was sweet to know someone actually cared, & felt an absence. πŸ™‚

At times, I did have moments where I thought, maybe I can get back to it today? But I didn’t know where to start, so was praying for the right time. Today feels just like it.

Well, the reason for my absence is nothing negative, really. It’s actually something really wonderful – I’m pregnant!!

It was such a surprise when we went to see the Gynae on 28th Feb {my official last day of work}, and instead of discussing next steps/treatment after last Oct’s failed IVF treatment, Gynae congratulated us! It was such a miraculous moment of God’s grace.

As one chapter of my life closed, another opened! It was my Mum’s birthday too!

It was surreal and delightful all at once, and it took us some time to adjust to the fact that yes, I’m really pregnant! The baby that we’ve waited upon the Lord for, is finally here, in His beautiful timing.

Some pictures to reflect on…

{gifts received along our journey}

{IVF treatment; thank God I don’t have to go through it again…}

Nothing is impossible for our faithful Lord & Savior!

My first trimester was not terrible at all, but I was simply too tired & queasy most of the time. Couldn’t cook/bake, couldn’t face my phone for long periods of time, and was just trying to tide through the few months.

Well, today marks day 2 of my second trimester! I’m feeling heaps better, and looking foward to updating more & sharing more of God’s goodness to all of you.

Oh, and this weekend – we reveal baby’s gender to friends & family! Exciting! πŸŽ‰

Hope all is well with you too, dear friends!