Keep giving thanks…

My first trimester was pretty uneventful, in a good sense. My main thanksgiving was how God arranged for me to stop work, so that I could focus on resting and being a conducive environment for baby to grow in. 

Now that I’m entering into the second trimester, I’m reminding myself of how easy it can be to get lost in the whole “pregnancy journey stress”…and forget to celebrate. 

Celebrate what? you may ask. Well, pretty much every and any good thing! This parenthood journey is something I don’t want to ever take for granted, and I’m praying that we’ll keep focusing on God and rely on His leading, His strength, His grace…and not our own wisdom. 

Every milestone, every good report, every wonderful thing that happens along this journey – all happens by the grace of God. 

So on Saturday, we intentionally made time to go to town to celebrate the end of my first trimester! Enjoyed my favorite Cantonese Noodles @ Grandma’s Kitchen, treated ourselves to yummy frozen yogurt, and bought a cute little onesie for our baby girl. 

May we continue to cherish every bit of this awesome adventure and may His presence continue to be soaked in every aspect of it…☺️


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