Kranji countryside Farmers Market

We visited the Kranji countryside Farmers Market yesterday, and the atmosphere was so good! People were milling around, trying different food items, fishing with their children, and buying fresh produce so excitedly that it got Bren and I very curious and excited too. We even bumped into friends from church who were there with their daughter! 

It was a very lovely time, enjoying the samples, listening to oldies sung by such active and young-at-heart elderlys, we left feeling very entertained and inspired. 

We bought goat’s milk, prawn crackers, almond butter and eggs. Very satisfied! ☺️



Beef & Veg Frittata

This breakfast was surprisingly filling! Had 2 small slices, and was full till lunch {compared to my usual need to snack on something around 10 every morning, haha}.

I used kale, sweet potatoes and onions for the vegetable portion. Bren enjoys beef, so added that too. Topped it off with a strawberry smoothie to make it healthier!



It is a beautiful thing when friendships are forged, maintained, and cultivated over the years. I can never thank God enough for all the great friends who constantly cover me in prayers, and care for me like their own soul. 

Spontaneously met up with Julia for lunch yesterday, and enjoyed tea with Grace after that. I was so happy and enriched by these two meet ups, that when I finally met Bren for dinner, I couldn’t help but hug him and say, “I’ve had such a happy day today!” 

Truly, a blessing. πŸ™‚


Babymoon: day 4 & 5

We’re leaving for our flight back pretty soon, so I’ll just share photos! Had a fun day shopping a bit yesterday, and walking a lot. Feet is a little achy now, haha. 

Will miss having leisurely, late breakfasts once baby joins us! 


After this filling meal, I experienced my first ever person-giving-up-his-seat-for-me in Hong Kong’s train! What a surprise, and what a special memory. πŸ™‚

We ate at a Korean dessert cafe, and later Bren couldn’t resist getting something for baby. πŸ˜‰ He’s such a doting papa.

Some shots we took at the harbour area…


Our last lunch at Hong Kong:

And we’re off! Thank God for His favor, love & grace. 😍

Babymoon: day 3

24/5 12:41pm
ahhh….had the best breakfast @ Capital Cafe this morning. It wasn’t really because of the food {though it was pretty good, and I enjoyed their toasts with eggs a lot}, but really because we got seated with 2 very lovely young ladies from Singapore! I love it when we bump into nice, friendly people overseas, and the conversations are what I cherish the most. Such a divine appointment! They’re new graduates from TP, and this was their graduate trip. So much fun getting to know them, hearing their plans for this trip, and sharing a bit about Bren & I too! 
Well, we had such a good chat that I forgot to take pictures of the food…so only managed to capture remnants of it, haha. 
Now, we’re chilling out at Starbucks after visiting the Avenue of Stars. It has started to drizzle again, though hopefully we’ll still get some sight-seeing done! 
We later stumbled onto the popular Jenny’s Bakery! The queue was long, but moved fast. So we essentially only queued for about 20 mins, which was manageable. Cookies are very old-school delicious πŸ˜‹.
Ended our day with yummy roast goose noodles at Kam’s Roast Goose – apparently Bren’s favorite when he stayed in Canada during his childhood years! Since we don’t get to enjoy this in Singapore, he’s wanting to drop by a few more times during this trip. Makes me so relieved that we didn’t discover this on day 1, else that’ll be all we eat everyday! 😝

Babymoon: day 2

23/5 10:24am
Just chilling out at Caffe Habitu over a late breakfast. A quiet little cafe that’s a 2 min stroll away from our hotel. Best place to stay in for a while since it’s drizzling outside. πŸ™‚
The rain is pouring heavily. Decided to chill at a nearby cafe… Our hotel is so near, yet so far…
My shoes unexpectedly gave way just now, and we’d to desperately get a new pair, haha. The rain is getting heavier as well…
As we carefully navigated our way to a Vietnamese place for dinner in the pouring rain in e evening, I was reminded on how in marriage, unexpected twists will happen too, and we’ll have to learn how to overcome them with a godly attitude, flowing with His direction, and not simply led by our own desires. After all, He knows best. πŸ™‚ surrender…we’ve got to surrender to His leading. 

Babymoon in Hong Kong: day 1

We’re in Hong Kong! πŸ‘‹πŸ»
Will update as we go along, since we’re having a relaxing, no-plans-made trip. Actually, it’s really our favorite way to travel. We go to the country of choice, then decide where to go as we go along! No itinerary needed. πŸ˜‹
22/5 fri 5:31am – 
As we travel to Hong Kong for our babymoon, God is reminding me of our wedding verse – 
Colossians 3:12 “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

It’s been almost 5 years of marriage. Looking back, some days {esp the first month} were especially, especially hard. I would be so sad when arguments happened, and at times I would be crying and feeling like the lousiest wife ever. 
But as we progressed by the grace of God, I could literally taste and see the goodness of our God. He graciously showed us how – unlike the world’s view – marriage is not for the happiness of each other, but was actually created for our holiness’ sake. As I consciously chose to serve Bren as unto the Lord, it became a lot easier and more joyful, even when I did things that I was not used to. Over time, I could sense him reciprocating too. πŸ™‚ I learnt to appreciate his quirks and sense of humor, and slowly grew to accept that he is made differently from me, but most importantly, in the image of God too. 
As we celebrate {almost} 5 years of His faithfulness in our marriage, I pray for us to be wise stewards of this miraculous gift of a child. That we will recognize how every good and perfect gift is from Him, and it is nothing that we earned nor deserved. It truly is all by His amazing grace. 
May we be rooted and grounded in love, and to grow in kindness towards each other too, knowing that we are completely imperfect people, deeply loved by our perfect God. 
3:04pm – 
oomph, just had a very sumptuous meal @ Tung Yuen Banquet, just a 5 mins stroll from our hotel. Great recommendation from the concierge! 
It’s so interesting to hear everyone converse in Cantonese {and no, we’re not proficient in it, hee hee}, and rushing about everywhere. It was fun figuring out what was on the menu, and hoping that we ordered food that we’d like! More hits than misses, we’ll say. πŸ™‚ 
Bren says this is the type of holiday he loves. πŸ™‚ reason being, we just woke up from a nap, haha. I definitely don’t want to overexert myself during this babymoon, and my dear husband could also certainly benefit from the extra rest. I like it this way!
We had coffee {him} and hot chocolate {me} before our dinner at the nearby mall. It was one of my highlights of the day, as we chatted about how our marriage has been, what we need to work more on, and what we’ve improved at. It’s our little tradition to evaluate where we are during our annual vacations, and I always really look forward to it. 
We talked, laughed, came to a few agreements, and thanked God for seeing us through the first few years of marriage, which we know are notoriously the hardest for every couple. 
Later, stumbled onto a quiet spot to rest at Hong Kong Garden, and if it was not because it started to rain, we would have lingered there a bit longer. 
Looking forward to day two! πŸ’