Mums, we’re in this together…

I’m only in my 14th week, but I’ve already observed how intense this “mummy journey” can be. 

There are friends who seem to have it all together, who do not share a single thing about their struggles {which I’m sure they had}. There are also friends who blare everything about their problems and stress so much that they seem to be moving further and further away from the joy of motherhood. There are the older mums who share certain must-do-it-this-way methods with you, and there are also several younger mums who could care less about gaining wisdom from others, and prefer to do it their own way, whatever that is. 

Then I’ve also had people frowning on mums who are seemingly too strict on their children, restricting their food choices, and basically controlling many aspects of the children’s lives. But I’ve also seen the other extreme where children are allowed to eat whatever they want, play with almost everything they want, and the child – though happy and seemingly accepted for who he/she is – struggles with boundaries and the word “no”.

Some days, I just let it all sink in…..and wonder, what am I getting myself into? What type of mum am I going to be? Then I feel a little anxious, overwhelmed, and worried on how I’ll be stewarding my baby. 

But God, in His graciousness…pulls me back to Himself. And I’m reminded again of the fact that nothing that we do matters more than what He does – and all I need is to focus on His leading, and His grace will see me through. I pray that the comparison and judging among mums will die off when we realize how much we need each other, that we’re in this amazing journey of motherhood together in order to support one another…not to condemn anyone, nor any approach that certain mums choose to make. I believe that all of us are simply trying our best to make good out of our daily living, and having more people alongside cheering us on will help us go that next mile, no matter how challenging the days are.

I pray that our baby girl realises just how imperfect her parents are. That we honestly do not have it all together. But God – the author & perfector of our faith – is the One that makes everything work out for our good, when we choose to love Him & live our lives according to His leading. I pray she sees Him, and not us. That will be the best gift we can ever give her. Lord, help us…..


We celebrated Mother’s Day & my parents’ 34th wedding anniversary in advance last night at my sister’s place. So much fun playing with Kaelyn and reading her the books we bought for her birthday. As I look around, indeed…the grace of God is evident in the family. My parents aren’t perfect, but I see our perfect God working in their lives. And it’s beautiful…..

Bless you, dear Mums. You are special, and your precious children are gifts from our dearest Heavenly Father. 

Let’s enjoy the journey…of brokenness, joy & love. ❀️ together.


4 thoughts on “Mums, we’re in this together…

  1. Cayce says:

    beautiful post. and yes, I often wish that the constant judging would stop. no matter what way we choose to parent our child, if we choose to breastfeed or not, if we choose to work full-time or not, we are in no way a lesser parent than the others.. why not just be more gracious and genuinely concerned instead of the comparing? πŸ™‚

  2. mummywords says:

    wow, so many advices and not, coming your way! i’m sure everyone’s excited for you… whenever you feel overwhelmed, just know that everything will be alright and you’ll always be the best judge for yourself.. you know, Mummy knows best πŸ™‚ (ooops, did i just dish out another advice? :p just wanna let you know to relax and not worry too much…)

    • cookiesrainandlove says:

      haha yes, actually I generally still do feel relaxed…but I also have moments of anxiety. I’m so thankful for many who are caring for me in this journey, and it really helps because by nature, I’m not one to research a lot on stuff. πŸ˜… I prefer to take things as they come, and trust that God will provide all that I need. 😊

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