Cooking again :)

Took a hiatus from cooking and baking ever since I found out about the pregnancy. It wasn’t advisable for me to move around much, and I honestly lost the inclination for it too. Just felt too meh on most days…

But since I’m in my second trimester now, and also because Bren has been sick twice ever since I took the hiatus, I’ve decided to take baby steps towards cooking and baking again. Small steps, small steps. ☺️

Started with an old favorite – Parmesan leeks+onions bake: {with couscous, chicken & vegetable soup for our dinner}

Happy that Bren finished it all! Which is an accomplishment since it’s a veg dish, and he’s a classic meat-lover. 😋

Will probably only do this on the weekends though, when Bren can help me carry some of the heavier items involved. Meanwhile, I’m just praying for his recovery, and praying that I’ll not catch any bug! 😷


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