Our little “boss”

Kaelyn is a very caring child. Super sweet, and sometimes a little surprising with how “adult” she can be, which can translate at times to being a little bossy, haha. But in a cute way! 

This was a random picture taken during a bus ride after church on Sunday. Love how Mummy is smiling so sweetly. 🙂

This little “boss” had adorable conversations with us over dinner that night. One of which involved the eating of cherries…

She told my Mum, “婆婆, you cannot eat cherries. Else, you’ll cough. You & mama cannot eat cherries. Okay? I don’t want you to cough.”

My mum gave a sad look, to which she became concerned, and a little frustrated, but continued, “婆婆, you really cannot eat! If you cough, how? You cannot eat cherries okay, but I still love you.”

I think the last part just melted all of our hearts. 😋


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