Babymoon: day 3

24/5 12:41pm
ahhh….had the best breakfast @ Capital Cafe this morning. It wasn’t really because of the food {though it was pretty good, and I enjoyed their toasts with eggs a lot}, but really because we got seated with 2 very lovely young ladies from Singapore! I love it when we bump into nice, friendly people overseas, and the conversations are what I cherish the most. Such a divine appointment! They’re new graduates from TP, and this was their graduate trip. So much fun getting to know them, hearing their plans for this trip, and sharing a bit about Bren & I too! 
Well, we had such a good chat that I forgot to take pictures of the food…so only managed to capture remnants of it, haha. 
Now, we’re chilling out at Starbucks after visiting the Avenue of Stars. It has started to drizzle again, though hopefully we’ll still get some sight-seeing done! 
We later stumbled onto the popular Jenny’s Bakery! The queue was long, but moved fast. So we essentially only queued for about 20 mins, which was manageable. Cookies are very old-school delicious 😋.
Ended our day with yummy roast goose noodles at Kam’s Roast Goose – apparently Bren’s favorite when he stayed in Canada during his childhood years! Since we don’t get to enjoy this in Singapore, he’s wanting to drop by a few more times during this trip. Makes me so relieved that we didn’t discover this on day 1, else that’ll be all we eat everyday! 😝

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