Simple joy

At the playground. 🙂

Played with little Chloe where she said “hello” to the deer on my phone case {haha} and picked up leaves for us as gifts.

So nice to be a child! 😝


Happy snaps

Feel so refreshed and renewed, just savouring the happy memories made over the past 2 days…

Baked gluten-free oatmeal and chocolate cookies:

Had a super-noisy but fun birthday dinner celebration @ Harry’s with friends:

Enjoyed observing the prep work done for 擂茶 {thunder rice tea} at Bren’s grandma’s:


And had a cosy and enjoyable time celebrating Rayne’s first birthday! Our favorite part must be the cake smashing, hee hee. 


Better get some rest now, haha. 😋

So thankful :)

Just came back from a dinner meetup with Mary, Presley, and their little boy, Owen. It has been quite a few years since we caught up with them…I think ever since they moved to Vietnam to do mission work. So it was very much a treat to enjoy dinner fellowship peppered with lots of laughter. 

Indeed, God is so good in seeing us through each of our challenges in every season, and watching how they are with their second boy, Owen, I’m so thankful because we got to observe and learn! Haha. 

Okie, time to sleep. It’s been a good day. 🙂 

A heavy heart

My grandaunt passed away suddenly over the weekend, and the wake started yesterday. Seeing my relatives in tears, sometimes…there are really no words to say, but only quiet prayers in my heart. 

My uncle is going for a major operation right now, and it was made known to us that he’ll have to make a lot of adjustments after the op, which we’re still trying to grapple with. Trying to reach out to him, through mandarin and hokkien worship songs, though sometimes…I do feel very limited in capacity too. 

Family is so dear to us, and life is full of unpredictable situations. My only prayer is that through all of these tough times, God’s light shines through, and many more will come to the saving knowledge of Christ. 

Let’s treasure the people we hold close. Don’t hold back our love, don’t hold back our tears, don’t hold back our sacrifices, don’t hold back our appreciation. 

Just LOVE. 

Because that’s what Jesus did for us too. 

珍惜眼前人 {lunch with parents yesterday}  

Freshening the flowers 

with lemon + lime slices after getting inspired by THIS. 🙂 

Of course, mine doesn’t look as nice, because I didn’t have suitable vases, so had to use plastic containers instead, haha. But it was still fun trying to do it up! 

Happy weekend people! ✌🏻️