Tiny, ordinary moments

Lately, God is bringing me to a place of quietness. A place of less distractions, less noise from the world, towards a place where there’s more space for Him to speak to me.

The days are passing, and though they’re nothing to shout about, I find there is no need to do so anyway. It is in the quiet, gentle passing of ordinary days that I see how He is using the tiniest moments to still cradle me in His arms…..and to beckon me to find rest in His love. 

The folding of laundry {almost} every afternoon. 

Watching the sky brighten as I prepare breakfast for Bren and I.

Bren who prepares the humidifier every night before I sleep. {I have an incredibly sensitive nose.}

Enjoying the flutter of movements that baby does in my womb, and observing how her Papa whispers words of love to her…through silly songs and simple prayers.

There is something absolutely magical and beautiful in the quiet moments of day to day life. The beauty of each routine…& each morning sky awakening our souls to how merciful He really is. 

In a noise-filled and unpredictable world, we need to pursue silence. 

We need to intentionally bring ourselves to His feet, to quiet our souls with His Word that never ever changes. 

His Word is Truth. 

It is the Light that guides our every step – if we desire it to be so.

Baby moved this morning as I prayed, and especially when I prayed for her. 🙂 It’s an amazing thing to experience, and I cannot be more thankful. 

May she encounter the grace of our God in her daily life too, living it day by day…moment by moment, in utter dependency on our good Lord. May she have the courage and determination to say no to the ungodly things of this world, knowing that she has better things stored up in Heaven for her. 

I pray that our little family – broken and sinful as we are – will be beautiful cracked pots that allow His glory, His Light to be displayed. 

In those small, everyday moments. 


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