Are you in a rush?

I remember a year ago, around this time, when I was wrestling with this desire to follow God’s leading in creating more space in my days for His divine interruptions, and I was also still coping with juggling all the balls in my life, especially on the work front. It was a very tough period, feeling helpless on many days, stressed and upset, but not knowing what exactly to do to improve the situation.
But God paved the way for me. 
By a little step of faith required of me, He led me to this day, where I can truly live out this approach to life – one that He placed in my heart a year back. An approach where I can freely follow His direction for the day’s agenda, have the space to allow His promptings to be louder than the commands of others around me…to be free to go where He directs, and bless whoever He places in my heart. 
Of course, not everyone has to take the drastic step of quitting their job to live out this approach. But for me, in this season of my life, it worked out perfectly as He planned.
I smile as I recall how on a very ordinary weekday last week, when I went out to the nearby coffeeshop as usual to buy my lunch, I had the privilege of blessing others. 
It was a young foreign worker that I noticed. Eating his packed lunch on the floor, with his back resting heavily on the void deck’s pillar. Immediately, God whispered, “Buy something for him.”
I wasn’t sure if the worker would still be around by the time I finished buying my lunch, but I prayed for it to be so. I chose to buy some fries and sausages, hoping that the extra carbo would be a boost, as well as welcomed treat. 
When I walked back, my heart just leapt, because there wasn’t just one foreign worker, but 2! As I walked towards them, they literally beamed as I shyly shared about how I got them extra food for their lunch. {In my heart, I was also praying that I bought enough for both to enjoy!}
It was such a treat, being able to slow down and notice these hardworking people around me, and being used by God to bless them. I was so enriched by that little moment of sweet joy, really. 🙂 It was truly my honor, to do something so small that could bring a smile to their faces. Bless them. 
And then, I recall recent conversations I had just last Sunday, with 2 very lovely female pastors. They’re really nice people, and I’ve had many good conversations with them. But last Sunday, there was a tinge of sadness as I sensed how the interactions were rushed. They definitely must have good reasons for rushing, but still… does make me think.


I have to admit that I do miss having slower conversations, where the other person is completely present, giving their full attention, even if for only a few minutes. It’s so scarce in today’s modern society. I’m sure I was in such “rushed modes” in the past too, and if given a chance, I’d like to do it differently. 
To savour and not to be so busy. To linger in love, and not neglect the very opportunities right in front of me, asking me to be a blessing, in the very simplest of ways. 
I don’t have a packed schedule anymore, and it’s a very conscious choice. Most days, I limit myself to only 1 appointment each day, and at times, I’ll intentionally postpone activities so that I get a breather between each one. It helps me to be more excited about each, instead of feeling drained out by the many obligations. And regardless of the duration spent at each, I remind myself that my heart is to be fully with the person/s. 
Shall we encourage one another to slow down a little more today? To not miss the beauty around us, in our frantic search for more
💖 my dear sister-in-law texted me from Canada this afternoon, requesting a baby bump shot, haha. It is so cute how she’s so excited, so I took one for her. {I realised its my first bump shot ever since I got pregnant!}
This little miracle has been a testimony of how good God has been, and I pray that she’ll grow up to be a warrior princess for His Kingdom. 
That she will know how God has redeemed her life, and that she’ll have a tender and merciful heart towards those around her. I pray that she’ll also have a backbone of steel, and that her spirit will rise up in strength to do whatever He calls her to do, when she’s made aware of injustice, prejudice, or even abuse. 
And I pray that she’ll never become too busy or too distracted or rushed…..but that she’ll allow her soul to commune with God everyday, and enjoy this precious life that is gifted by her Heavenly Father. 

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