A night of fun & laughter

Bren and I went over to my parents’ place for dinner last night, and we got to play with Kaelyn and Kaeson! 

Kaeson is now making his opinions very clearly known, fussing when Gonggong tries to feed him, but not making a sound when it’s his dear Mum. 😉 His lungs are strengthening too, with loud screams of joy whenever he is happy or excited. Very cute!

Kaelyn did some drawing and coloring before we played Lego together, and it was amusing how Bren got into his usual prankster-mode, causing our sweet and obedient Kaelyn to be frustrated with him! It started out well, but later he decided not to cooperate with her “instructions” to build a long “road” for his “home”, and she got very exasperated, haha. 

It was so funny when she said, “Orh, police coming to catch you ar! Going to take away your toys!” in her sternest tone possible, to which Bren just shrugged and gave a fake yawn. 😆 

It was hilarious, and I’d to play mediator halfway through so she wouldn’t get upset further. She was so funny, pouting and laughing at the same time. Well, we’ll see it as a way to build her sense of humour! 

Kaelyn is very doting on baby too, and it was so sweet when her head accidentally bumped onto my womb, and she said, “Sorry baby!” Before we left, she stroked my womb and kissed baby too, with no prompting from any of us! So sweet. 

Love such memorable nights. 🙂


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