Weekend moments :)

How has your weekend been? 

Mine was very unexpected, and I’d to remind myself on going with the flow

Do you have those days whereby you’d every part of the day/s imagined out, and things just didn’t flow according to what you dreamed up at all? Yup, mine was one of those weekends. 

It brings me back to leaning in closer to Him, and deriving my satisfaction not from things going according to my preference, but according to His direction. It can be hard to swallow at times, especially when you’ve had a hard week and desire for things to really come through for you, but ultimately – God knows best. 🙂

Julia and I spent some time over lunch @ Grub catching up and soaking in the sun rays at Bishan Park

And over breakfast in church too, where Kaelyn was excited about taking a picture for us, haha. That’s her chubby finger!

 She was so cute when she saw me arriving in pink, because “same color, 姨姨! you’re wearing the same color as me!” So of course we’d to take a picture. 😉

I hope your weekend was filled with lots of bright moments too, regardless whether they were expected or not. 💕


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