A soul-rest day…

Julia sent me these pictures she took of Kaelyn on Sunday. I can stare at these for a long, long time! My niece is such a sweet and joyful child. 

Met up with Carol for breakfast yesterday {prata! yum} as she’s back for a short while, and we chatted about her life in Perth as well as my impending changing of season, into a full-time stay-home mum (!). Honestly, I don’t know how it’d be like, haha. But I’m really looking foward with great excitement!

She reminded me on not giving myself too much stress – whether I’ll be able to breastfeed properly, whether baby will be able to sleep well at night, how baby’s grandparents will guide her, etc…a whole host of thoughts that I need to surrender to Jesus. And I think it’s so true. Though I’m not at that point of stress, it’s a very real struggle I’ve observed many mums going through, especially for mums who’ve sacrificed their jobs/career just to stay home to care for their child/ren. 

It’s a good reminder for us to lighten up and trust that God’s daily grace and mercy will be more than sufficient for us. Yes, amen!

The next time she meets up with me, I’ll be able to introduce her to baby! Amazing. 😍

After that, spontaneously met up with dear Julia for lunch in town, and accompanied her at Esplanade library’s cafe while she did her BSF homework. It was lovely just hanging out with not much agenda, except to rest and be with each other. 

I pray that I’ll remember to make time for such meet ups even after baby joins us too. It’s so important for our soul-care. 🌷

Mothers, 加油! You’re entrusted with such a vital role! You can do it, by His strength and grace. 💗


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