Savouring the last bits…

I’ve been really enjoying the 2nd trimester these past months. Compared to the 1st trimester, where I’d be too sleepy and exhausted to do anything much, I’ve been feeling a lot more like myself right after the first 3 months of “weirdness” ended. 🙂 

Before we know it, we’ll be entering the 3rd trimester (!), so Bren and I decided to head to town for a little celebratory dinner @ Tampopo last night, and got baby a little bunny top from Muji too! 

Funny story – ever since we could feel baby moving, Bren has been telling her stories and chatting with her every night. She usually moves quite a bit whenever he speaks, but there was one night when he decided to tell her about the story of the “rabbit & tortoise” {where they had a race – remember that classic childhood story?}, and she didn’t move at all! Not that we could feel anyway. 

But later, right after Bren left the room and I was trying to sleep, she moved and moved and moved so much – it felt as if she was “running” in my womb! It was hilarious and honestly, quite distracting because I was trying my hardest to sleep. 😅

When Bren came in to join me in sleeping about an hour later, I was still wide awake, thanks to baby’s vigorous motion. So he joked and said that she must have been learning to run like the rabbit, haha. 

I think we have an adorable “bunny” on the way. 😋


4 thoughts on “Savouring the last bits…

  1. Kayla says:

    That’s such an adorable story! Those kicks are amazing but I never experienced such vigorous motion in either of my two. You may have a little runner on the way. 🙂

    • cookiesrainandlove says:

      haha you’re right, perhaps we do! She’s incredibly active, and so responsive to us too. It’s sweet. Though honestly, if she grows up to be some kind of athlete, Bren and I would be so surprised because we’re both not into sports at all! 😅

      • Kayla says:

        That would be a surprise then! Either way, it’s so exciting that you get to experience these wonderful memories with her already. I always thought it was the best part of pregnancy. Definitely gets you through all the aches and pains. 🙂

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