Taking stock :)

In church today, we bumped into so many friends who were congratulating us back and forth on baby’s soon-to-be arrival. It was so sweet, and I really enjoyed the different catch-ups, whether it was a brief or long interaction. 

It makes me take stock of how far we’ve come – from praying for a baby, to trying the IVF treatment, to healing emotionally after the treatment failed, to right now…where baby is so well-received by many who are incredibly excited to welcome her. Baby, you are already very loved, y’know that? 

This long weekend allowed Bren and I not just to rest, but I also did some cooking. PLUS – we went to…..*drum rolls pls*……….River Safari, the Zoo as well as Night Safari! Can you believe it. 3 spots in one day, haha. 

We realised that the next time we visit any of these places again, it wouldn’t just be the two of us, but baby would be with us too! 

Some pictures to remember the weekend by…


Bren is now snoozing away while I’m waiting for the cleaner auntie to arrive. Enjoying this rainy afternoon with my strawberry milk…☺️

You take care too!


6 thoughts on “Taking stock :)

  1. lynnlly says:

    IVF treatment? Did you write on that?
    I have a few friends who are going through it now and I know it’s tough. Your story can encourage many!

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