It is in the remembrance, that thanksgiving overflows…

1 year ago, this day – 23 July 2014, I received the assurance from God that He is still with me, directing my every step as I faithfully follow Him into the unknown. 

::Turning back the clock a bit – to 17 July 2014. It was that night in Taipei that after learning of the news of the MH17 plane crash from Bren, that my heart knew – it really was a deep-down knowing – that something has to change. 

My life was not exactly horrible, but it was definitely the most stressful year I’d experienced, and my first thought when I learnt about the crash was, “if any of my loved ones were in that plane, I’d totally regret how I’m living my life right now.” I would regret many things, but most importantly, I would have regretted not spending much time with them because my schedule then was so consumed by work and other seemingly urgent matters. 

I couldn’t sleep that night, and tossed and turned for a long while before giving up and listening to the prompting from God to read my emails instead. {my personal emails, not work emails 😉}

So I clicked, and guess what the title was? “Today is the day to go after your dreams.”

Remembering it right now still gives me the chills. 

I told God, “well, You know my dream. All I desire is to be a mum, a stay-home mum. To have children and to take good care of them.

That night marked the start of this journey of faith in following Him into directions that didn’t make sense to people around me, but was clearly impressed upon my heart. That very night, He convicted me to leave my job in Feb 2015, with me not knowing when I’ll even ever conceive. All I knew and held onto was His Word and my relationship with Him. 

On 22 July 2014, once I was back in S’pore and back to work, I told my immediate boss my convictions, and of course she was puzzled and disturbed by it. What followed was a long period of awkwardness, and a lot of wrestling and trusting all mashed up while I was trying to survive the day-to-day. 

But God continued to be good, and assured me through a devotional calendar on 23 July 2014:

Really, anything we hold tighter than we do Christ is a security blanket. And it’s possible that, instead of just providing comfort and safety, those blankets are really holding us down. I’m committing to letting go of some of these security blankets – & reaching for God. Even when it scares me.”

It scared me many times, and it was uncomfortable having people misunderstand me. But I’m so thankful for His grace that saw me through it.

Fast foward back to today – 23 July 2015, with baby being 26 weeks now, God is still faithfully reassuring me:

God has always known. God is ultimately sovereign. 🙂 

In sharing this part of my story with you, dear friends, I’m simply praying that you will see how real God really is. 

Faith is a beautiful thing, but it’s not how the world works, and so sometimes it’s hard to understand…it’s hard to put a finger on it. 

But I’m still choosing to boldly sharing this with you, trusting that God is already working in your heart, and in His perfect timing, you’ll truly be touched by how real Jesus is, and how much He desires to have an intimate relationship with you. 

{as I’m typing this, baby is moving so vigorously! she is probably saying, yes – believe in Him! He is my Creator! 😍}

p/s: if you missed out on reading how our sweet miracle baby came about, you can click HERE for my testimony shared in church.

Bless you. 💖


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