Celebrating God’s faithfulness 

How has your weekend been? 🙂

In honor of what God did, I had a little time of celebration with Him. 

In the quiet and loving presence of Jesus, my smallness is not just never an issue, but it is the very reason that brings my heart to its knees, knowing that my big and powerful Almighty Father cares about every tiny detail of my “small life”. What a privilege it is to call Him my Father.

So I brought myself to my happy place – the Botanical Gardens, and soaked in the sun rays and the beautiful sights. 

I also did a little pampering of the soul – with pretty earrings {that I don’t need, but really adore!}, a handcream that smells absolutely refreshing, and then enjoyed some me-time with a lemon tart at a quiet cafe. I even bumped into little Chloe when I was admiring the sunset @ Vivo, where she plucked ixoras for me, and told me it’s getting dark, haha!

And that concluded my little celebration! 🌺

What can you celebrate today? 😉


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