Choose what you focus on

A friend who just delivered her baby boy shared with me this morning on how he has not passed the hearing test twice. He will be tested again when he turns 1 month. Can you kindly whisper a prayer for him too? That baby J’s ears will open up in the Name of Jesus and have perfect hearing very soon. 

It reminds me to meditate on God’s Truth, and to cover our baby in prayers too. 

Hannah Whitall Smith in “The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life” shares these gems: 

Begin to believe, and hold on it steadfastly, that He has taken that which you have surrendered to Him. You positively must not wait to feel either that you have given yourself, or that God has taken you. You must simply believe it, and reckon it to be the case. And if you are steadfast in this reckoning, sooner or later the feeling will come.

 Surrendering the situation unto You, Lord…

Thank you for praying! 


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