A potential social worker? :)

Bren has been chatting with baby pretty much every night for the past months. She has been very cute in responding, even when we ask questions. Keeping silent at times, giving a kick back at other times. 

Last night, it was hilarious playing the “kick game” with her. We would tap somewhere around my womb, wait a few seconds and then she would kick back at the same area in response. We did this a few times in the same area, then tapped other areas to see if she would move to kick there too. Sometimes she does, sometimes it doesn’t happen. 🙂

Bren also asked her last night about what she would want to do in the future. 

Become a doctor? No response.

Become a lawyer? Nope, no response.

Become an IT consultant like Daddy? Still no response.

Become a social worker like Mummy? An immediate big kick!! 

I was so tickled I started laughing uncontrollably, whereas Bren got worried immediately and told her that social workers don’t earn a lot of money. 😆 He later assured her that she still has many years before making that decision, haha! That’s my silly husband and sweet little baby. It’ll be so funny to see how things pan out years down the road!

Anyway, I visited my ex-colleagues and the Centre’s children this week. Was so nice to catch up with them again. 🙂


Have a great day everyone! Baby sends her love to you too. 😍 {she’s moving vigorously as I type this, haha}


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