Thanksgiving for July


July wasn’t a very easy month. I could feel God pruning me in terms of my relational skills, my friendships, as well as my spiritual foundation. 

Though there were difficult moments that seemed to take longer than I’d like to get over, God continued to minister to my heart, and my soul was strengthened through it. It was a month reminding me on Who my anchor is, and must continue to be. 

It was also my last month of enjoying the second trimester, so Bren and I went out a little more, and walked a little more as compared to my first trimester…knowing that I’ve to slowly scale down soon. Investing in rest is so counter-cultural, but God is very clear. 

I’m looking foward to August, though the schedule seems to be already pretty packed {with childbirth classes and baby fairs!}, knowing that my Jesus, my faithful God, is always with me. He never leaves me nor forsakes me. He desires my best, and I can wholly put my trust in Him. 

His grace is always more than sufficient for my every day! ✌🏻️


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