Jubilee Weekend is here !

What are your plans for this long National Day celebration? Bren and I are going with the flow of things, and I’m just really thankful that we get to spend more time together. 

Family and friends play such a huge role in our lives, and as the weeks led up to this wonderful and special weekend, I couldn’t help but tear up each time I remember how the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew fought to get us here. I give thanks for his role and the contributions of many from the pioneer generation for their perseverance to get us to a better place than where we started from 50 years ago…to this day where we have the ability to learn, grow and pursue our dreams in a safe environment, surrounded by all of our loved ones. 

Like my lovely group of ex-colleagues whom I met up for dinner last night!

Of course this beloved country of mine has several flaws and certain things I’m praying for to improve, but by and large, we have been incredibly blessed by God and by our leadership, and we get to choose our attitude towards it. 

So I choose to give thanks. 

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 🙂


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