Deep roots, in Singapore

We headed for a quiet time of tea @ Paul in town yesterday. Away from the crowds, though I honestly wouldn’t mind jostling a bit in the festivities if I wasn’t pregnant. 

It was very lovely soaking in the rainy weather with hot chocolate and a sweet berry tart, and enjoying French music that we couldn’t understand, haha. 

As the nation turns 50 tomorrow, I get into reflective mode {and rightly so}…and when we walked past this art piece last evening, it was reminder of what I read in the 50.Day.2015 Prayer Guide:

Pray for deep personal rootedness: the sense that their destiny is intertwined with the destiny of this nation. Pray for parents, the first teachers in a child’s formative years. National Education is great. But try as we may, rootedness is not easily taught at school. It must be caught at home from loving parents who love Singapore.” – pg.195

May we be deeply rooted in the love of God, and allow His love to blossom in this country of ours. 💞


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