Today marks my grandma’s 90th

Which means it would have been my late grandaunt’s 90th too. 

I had mixed emotions as this day started. On one hand, so grateful for this special day of my grandma and grandaunt’s birth, yet on the other hand, am still grieving over my late grandaunt’s passing and my heart still swells up over concern for my grandma and how she’s handling all of the emotions.

So I called her. 

Just to chat and hopefully bring a little bit of light into her morning. 

She laughed, she lamented, and she “smiled” through the phone. It was a short conversation, but it did me so much good. 

After doing a bit of chores around the house, I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to podcasts after podcasts, texting Julia about little random & not-so-random things, and later munched on Famous Amos cookies for tea. 

I found myself in a place of deep slowness again. The same place whenever something big hits, and I need to press the pause button in order to breathe again. 

And it felt good. 

Just not doing anything much, except to rest and regroup. Doing the next small thing in front of me, without thinking too much about the bigger picture. 

Reading devotionals and letting God’s truth seep into my soul. 

Remembering God’s love and how powerful it is when I allow it to refresh me from within. 

Enjoying laughter with Julia over Indonesian food, and persisting in appreciating the small.

Thank God for pause-days. 

Thank God for His unfailing love displayed in the ordinary. 

Thank God for seeing us through this period of grief. 


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