Broken, ordinary glory

In the everyday, we see glimpses of His glory. Even in this current awful haze, where coughing and sneezing are commonplace, and masks aplenty…if we really want to see Him in the mess, He is always right there – with us in our every ordinary moment. 

Like in moments of pride when I realised how Kaelyn was able to read {almost} this entire book on Chinese New Year after I read once through with her:

Moments of fun baking vanilla cupcakes together with Julia when she came over yesterday, and us catching up over a simple dinner after that:

And in moments of joy tonight, when we met up with mum for dinner and had ice-cream before our “proper meal”, haha. It may sound like it’s always about food, but really, it’s all about the company! Bonding over good food is usually the easiest though. 

What are the moments of grace you’ve experienced recently? 

*also praying for this haze to please go away soon*


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