Honest Bee

Thanks to Lynn for the recommendation, I gave this online grocery shopping site a try. So far, I’ve ordered twice from them, and service has been prompt! 

It is especially helpful since I have been avoiding carrying heavy items, but still want to do a bit of cooking and baking once in a while. I also like that they do not charge you till they’ve confirmed the items’ availability on the day of delivery. Ordering is a breeze too.

There’s a discount for first-time customers (minimum $10), and Lynn has a coupon code that’s good for the month of September (minimum $30): see HERE

My delivery this afternoon even came with complimentary mooncakes!

The mooncakes were handed to me from a young lady dressed in Chang Er costume, haha. I had just woken up when they arrived, so when she asked to take a photo with me, I was confused but obliged. I just hope I didn’t look too groggy! 😅


5 thoughts on “Honest Bee

    • cookiesrainandlove says:

      you should!

      as long as yr minimum order (from one specific area, eg.Fairprice) hits $30, delivery is free. it can even be delivered to you as soon as a few hours after your order!

      the only downside I’ve experienced so far is that the supermarket may not have what you ordered on the day that you’ve arranged the delivery for. so they’ll call and ask if you’d like to replace it with something else. other than that, all is good. 🙂

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