New life, new perspective 

I woke up this morning with a deep longing for quiet. 

For focus.

For clarity.

For smallness.

So instead of my usual morning routine, I pondered on the noise of Facebook. Yup, sounds quite strange, but it’s true. 

As I allowed myself to dig deeper into what I was wrestling with, I realised how as my new season of parenting is drawing closer, my heart is wanting to be away from all the unnecessary. The “extras” which can sometimes translate to too much noise that suffocates my soul.

But I still want to be able to connect with my friends and family! I told God. 

Gently, He reminded me on my {very inactive} Instagram account, which I only used in the past because I liked the filters, haha. //side-note: isn’t it amazing how God can even speak to us about things like Instagram?? 

So on a whim, I searched out a few friends and family members on Instagram, and am now breathing a little easier knowing that I’ve a less-noisy social media space to connect with people I care about. Honestly, Facebook is still one of the easiest for me to update and connect with dear family members {like my lovely parents 😝}, but at least I’ve another quieter option now. The newsfeeds on FB can be so overwhelming at times…

This new season is teaching me not just about how I need to depend on God for the big picture, but how He can be involved in the very specifics of my daily life too. 

I’m still praying about whether to take a break from blogging as I enter into this exciting new adventure of welcoming our bundle of joy…but I’m definitely going to tap on Instagram a bit more so I don’t miss the moments and memories of everyday life. 

Breathing in a new perspective feels so good. 

Drawing out margins for my life feels incredibly freeing. 

And I really like the smell of fresh starts. 🙂 


7 thoughts on “New life, new perspective 

  1. Cayce says:

    I really enjoy using Instagram for the little bits of stuff I want to remember. and it was for the same reason as yours – Facebook is just too noisy. Looking forward to connecting more on Ibstagram! 🙂

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