Embracing the slow, the small, the limited

2 years ago this time, I was knee-deep in work.

Meaningful work for sure, but many times, it was very draining too. It wasn’t just an overbearing workload that kept my heart tired, but the expectations of people around me as well as my own expectations of myself, and what I should be doing.

A lot has happened between then and now, as the Lord relieved me from all the burdens I was carrying – unnecessary ones that involved a lot of “should”s.

Reflecting on the past 2 years has been enlightening, to say the least. My spirit has been so lifted by the Lord’s everlasting love, and his mercies which are new every morning are what I look forward to.
It has never been easy choosing to go downstream when pretty much everyone else is going upstream. But as I fight the urge to please, and fight the urge to unwisely meeting the demands of everyday life without seeking God’s voice, I am choosing to fight for my soul to remain in the presence and guidance of God.

My yeses are now so much clearer, and when I commit to something, I have so much more space in me to actually anticipate it with genuine joy, instead of dreading it as days draw nearer.

Saying no has also been less of a guilt-trip, as I seek to please God alone, and leaving spaces in my days for Him to interrupt my plans, instead of seeking to fulfill my own agenda is so incredibly gratifying.

I am {slowly} embracing how God has made me…and the wonderful thing I am learning and realizing, is that this is allowing me to embrace how He has uniquely made others too. 💗


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