Thanksgiving for September 

There were 2 major parties in September! Firstly, a surprise party for my ex-boss, Aunty Margaret to celebrate her 60th, and secondly, my Aunty & Uncle’s 30th wedding anniversary party. In between the festivities and loud laughter, were the slow days which I’m learning to embrace. 

Since I’m physically more limited now that I’m in the last stretch of the pregnancy, I can’t help but scale down on my daily activities. Have also been trying not to “waddle” around so much, but honestly, it’s really, really hard! 😝

Preparing myself for entering the unknown…this new-to-me world of motherhood, I’ve also tried coming up with simple routines that I can rely on once baby joins us, so I don’t have to spend much time thinking about it and instead focus on the new adventure ahead. 🙂 

Routines involving quiet time with the Lord, easy and healthy recipes to fall back on during hectic days, and even what to wear {yes, I always have had a system for clothes and accessories, haha. Some call it having a “capsule wardrobe”!}. Guess I’d rather spend my time and energy on things that matter more in the long run…like what to do when baby poops and cries. 😁

Onto the exciting month of October! Ready or not, our baby is coming! Whee. ❤️


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