Celebrating our 5th + the weekends ❤️

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Exactly one year ago, on 2/10/14 – our 4th wedding anniversary – we were scheduled to have my egg extraction as part of the IVF treatment. 

Though it did not turn out the way we’d hope for at that time, who knew God arranged it such that today, 2/10/15 – our 5th wedding anniversary – we would be visiting the gynae to look at our precious baby, His miraculous gift of life! 

He is always so faithful, and so full of loving surprises. 

Immensely grateful, as we count our blessings this anniversary. 🙂 


As thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness at work in our marriage, and the blessing of our darling baby girl, am deciding to start a weekly post I’m calling “whispers for your weekend“. 🍃

As we wind down from the week, and prepare our hearts for the weekend, may these whispers bring little nuggets of love and quiet space – room for us to receive the gifts in store during Sabbath rest.

I’m hoping to do these posts every Friday evening / Saturday morning, and I pray that it brings encouragement to you, as much as I know I’ll need it for myself in this new season too. 🙂 



💝 And so may your upcoming weekend also birth new possibilities of dreams, wishes and prayers yet to be answered, while at the same time be one of the ordinary, beautiful mundane. 

Of kitchen sinks and laundry baskets – with dirty dishes and clothes waiting to be washed, to remind you on the people you get to feed and clothe, and the company that you get to welcome into your home and heart. 

Bless you dear friends!


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