She’s growing up :)

Here’s my not-so-little niece, Kaelyn, worshipping Jesus during our Children’s Day celebration yesterday.

This girl makes me think a lot before I speak, because she soaks up so much of how we live our lives. She’s got such a keen sense of awareness of the things around her, and a memory capacity that’s far beyond what we expect for her age.

With a younger brother that she dutifully dotes on, I’m reminded that she still needs individual attention too, because who doesn’t? We thank God that she has a tender heart to shower her baby brother with lots & lots of love. 

She is so obedient with regards to rules and boundaries, though at times – like any other child – she does test them with a cheeky grin. She is easily contented with limited playtime, and understands when we reason with her. She is girly, but when asked what’s her favorite color, the word “pink” has never come up. She is also so inclusive, she tends to state a few favorite colors, instead of just one. 

She likes me to put my hair to one side, commenting that I look like Frozen’s Elsa when I do so, haha. Just before sending her to Sunday school, I would ask her if my hair is messy, to which she’ll always sincerely check and give me an equally genuine reply. Thankfully, most of the time, her replies are, “no, not messy.”

She’s the first niece I’ve ever had, one whom I gave my whole heart to 4 years ago. As she grows up, my heart aches…but in a good way, if that makes sense. šŸ™‚ For I know she is taken care by God, and everything that happens in her life can and will be used by Him to string together the best story possible, for His glory. 

With our baby girl coming to join us in a matter of weeks, I just wanted to focus on this dear niece whom I love so very much, to say that I love you, Kaelyn, and will always be here for you. I will root for you, and pray for you, and the special place you have in my heart from day one will never ever be replaced. 

Thank you for being the amazing sweetheart that you are. šŸ’—


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