Dear {adorable} Kaeson,

Just like how 姨姨 loves your sweet sister, Kaelyn, I love you very much too. 

But unlike my time with your sister, somehow I’ve had less opportunities to bond with you, and I feel so bad missing moments like the day you were born in the hospital {I had to be on bed-rest after last year’s surgery}, and your upcoming 1st birthday party…which I’m likely to miss due to the confinement period post-delivery. 

You are the miracle child – one that came unexpectedly fast, and one whom I believe was part of God’s plan to cheer your parents up after their tough time in the beginning of 2014. 

姨姨 loves all aspects of your personality. I love that when you don’t like something, you make it known. You cry hard when you’re upset, and stop immediately once you see your parents. 🙂 I love how you are so endearing towards your sister, which should also not be a surprise, seeing how much she loves you and displays her affections constantly towards you. I love how you look at your uncle with adoring eyes, many times to our amusement. Your chubbiness is also too adorable, and it’s impossible to not want to give you a big squeeze. 😝

姨姨 is looking foward to finally carrying you after I recuperate post-delivery, and having more fun times with you. May you always know how much you are loved – not just by us, but by God as well. 💖


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