whispers for your weekend 

Welcome to 🌸whispers for your weekend🌸, friends!

I’ve noticed that ever since I committed to doing this weekly post, I’ve been even more intentional about slowing down and reflecting on my days. 

Instead of only reflecting every end of the month {which I still love to do}, this prompts me to do so weekly, as well as in the middle of my week. It’s an unexpected blessing. 🙂

For this post, I thought of sharing a super-easy smoothie {which I’m enjoying as I type}: just blend 1 cup of your favorite milk (I used quinoa milk) + a handful of organic spinach leaves + 4-5 ice-cubes, then top off with sprinkles of raw cacao nibs. Easy right?

Bren is not a veggie lover, so his wife has to regularly come up with innovative ways to help him get his fiber. 😉 This is incredibly simple and healthy. 
As we enter the weekend, may you find your own unique blend of songs to sing. 

May your weekend also hold many opportunities for developing unfiltered, rich, deep relationships where you get to pause and really delve into each other’s heart. 

Let’s live a life that is purposeful, not busy. One that is carefully and fruitfully filled up, and not of perpetually stressful schedules that drain our souls. 

May you hold each other’s hands and leap joyfully into yet another day of His grace and mercy, embracing your limits with a heart that is fully rested and secure in His love and plans for you. 

Bless you, dear friends! Enjoy your weekend. 🌹


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