10 Thanksgivings :)


Reflecting on this pregnancy journey, I can’t help but give thanks for how it has been.

  1. For how Bren has managed to accompany me for every visit to the gynae. Having him around as support makes such a difference, and makes the long waiting period that bit more bearable too.
  2. For caring parents and in-laws who made sure that I got the nourishment I needed. Especially during the first and second trimesters, Mum would cook my lunch at her place, and Dad would bring it over to me before he leaves for work in the late morning. My MIL would prepare nourishing soups and tonics on weekends, and catered to my cravings and preferences when cooking.
  3. For the nightly routines of Bren chatting with baby and praying for us. His prayers may sometimes be short and funny, which makes me smile, knowing that baby has such a doting and adorable papa!
  4. For caring friends who would cover us in prayers and give us well-intentioned advice.  Thankful for experienced Mummys who would give me tips and hand-me-downs as well. Baby is very well-provided for, haha.
  5. For a relatively easy pregnancy journey, with no major issues. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy the changes happening in my body, and to focus on every new stage of development.
  6. For how God arranged for me to not work during this pregnancy, so I could rest anytime I needed to. During the first trimester, I would sometimes take 2-3 naps in the day, and could still sleep around 9pm because I was just so tired!
  7. For sweet Kaelyn, who would lovingly greet baby each time with a “sayang” or a kiss. Too cute!
  8. For our memorable babymoon in Hong Kong, where we got to rest more and relish this gift of life together. 🙂
  9. For a very nice gynae whom we trust and have good rapport with. He’s rather fatherly towards me!
  10. Ultimately, very thankful for God’s provision and protection every step of the way, especially in the beginning when I didn’t know I was pregnant yet, and went on physically-demanding activities, like our Tree Top walk!

What are you thankful for today? 🙂


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