whispers for your weekend 

Happy Friday everyone!

Our little family says hi! 👋🏻👨‍👩‍👧

Baby Ellie finally arrived on 29/10 morning, and we are so enamoured with her already. 

So thankful for God seeing us through 6 hours of labor, and for the overwhelming love from family and friends. She’s truly our miracle baby, all glory to God. 

6 years ago this day, Brendan proposed to me. 🙂 6 years on, we’re cuddling our 1 day old baby. God has such a way with stories, I tell you. ❤️

Btw, am sneaking in this post while she’s sleeping, haha. Parenthood 101, I’m learning. 

🌸🌸 So may your weekend be filled with many moments of joy – in your private, no-one-but-me spaces, and in your widely shared spheres too. May you have time for the simple luxuries of life, savouring and cherishing whatever this weekend gifts you. 

Sending you lots & lots of love, hugs & kisses! 💋


9 thoughts on “whispers for your weekend 

  1. lynnlly says:

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Was waiting for photos on IG but saw the update on the Church’s bulletin instead!

    Try to get as much rest as possible!

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