These are the days…

Dad has been coming over in the day to help out with caring for Ellie, so I can catch up a bit on rest. Thank God for his leave!

Ellie seems to be in the best mood in the mornings, especially when I greet her just before my breakfast. She coos and smiles, and stretches like a little princess who just had a wonderful nap. πŸ˜† 

And then there are also times in the day where anything really just causes her to fuss a whole lot, and I hurriedly try to figure out what is causing her discomfort and which position she’ll prefer. It’s a learning curve everyday. 

These are the moments that make up my day. Very routine, seemingly mundane, yet beautiful in its ordinary state. Life slows down so much when you care for a baby. It forces you to recognize the present, and to stop and really smell the roses. 

My favorite is to smell our darling baby’s hair during our cuddle time together. πŸ’•


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