whispers for your weekend πŸ’–

To all mums out there, including my dearest mummy – know that yours truly is gaining newfound respect and admiration for what you have been doing day in, day out. It’s such a ministry, this gift called motherhood. Calling it a sacrifice is an understatement. 

The sleepless nights, the dashing out the very second a cry is heard, the need to bear with the incessant crying and wailing, the heart pain required whenever a breaking of the child’s habit is needed in order to give the very best, the putting on hold of everything else just to first focus on caring for your child, the desperate Googling for answers to questions that are beyond you, the quiet sobbing and constant prayers in the corner of the room when you start to doubt your ability to decode what is causing your child so much discomfort, …take it from me – whose baby is barely past 3 weeks old – that it is not insignificant at all. 

This weekend, may we honor the quiet service and sacrifice of mums (and our wonderful dads too). May we not take for granted the privilege we have of calling them our parents, regardless of how flawed they are. Because, who isn’t? 

May we also not tie our identities to how our children behave, nor the choices they make. For our core identity is in Christ alone, and our role is to simply pray over them…and entrust our darlings to Him who knows it all, and masterfully created them. 

God bless your weekend with gifts of the hard and the heart. πŸ’


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