Thanksgiving for November 

I’m holding little Ellie in my arm as I type this. A very obvious thanksgiving item. 🙂 

It’s cold and rainy outside as I reminisce the month that flew by. This was honestly the toughest month by far, this year. 🙂 By His grace alone, I survived!

Of course, the entire month was dedicated to learning to care for our baby. This precious being has brought Bren and I on such a roller coaster ride of emotions and lessons everyday. The minute we think we’ve got the hang of things, something new happens and we’re thrown off again. The learning curve was steep, and our physical and emotional capacities were so stretched, especially when I got ill. Thinking back, the first 2 weeks were really the craziest. Thereafter, we managed to have a semblance of a routine, phew.

Which was why when we celebrated Ellie’s full-month with our family and relatives last Saturday, it was not just a celebration of a milestone for our daughter, but for us as first-time parents too. Go us! 😆💪🏻

This November has turned out to be one of those months which I’ll remember for a long, long time. A lot to give thanks for, even the very difficult parts. It brought us closer in dependence on the Lord’s wisdom and strength each day, and that can only be a good thing. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for November 

  1. tearypig says:

    Happy one month Little Ellie!
    Yes you guys made it through the difficult month. New parenting role is really really tough… I went abit crazy myself too and new challenges are still coming up. So yes! It’s worth a celebration and pat on our backs for making it through with the Grace of God:) jia you !!!


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