Thanksgiving for December {& the year}

December allowed me to end this year on a sweet note. 🙂

🎄 Christmas has always been special, because it’s the time we purpose in our hearts to remember what God did for us. But this year was even more memorable as we celebrated the Christmas miracle with our very own miraculous gift – baby Ellie. 👧🏻 It was an indescribable feeling, bringing her for her first service in church, and singing worship songs while having God’s gift nuzzling right into my arms. 

Reflecting on 2015, it has been nothing short of a faith adventure. My one word for the year was Rest, and God brought me through the old weary land, to the Promised Land of deep rest in His finished work on the cross. Every time I got anxious about something, I’d be reminded that Jesus has done it all. Every time I got fearful or worried, I’d be reminded that God is with me. Resting in Him is an act of faith, and as I continued to grow in reliance on Him, instead of on my own strengths and abilities, I discovered an easier rhythm to the things God has called me to. There’s really so much more freedom and peace when we place our lives into God’s sovereign care. 

A glance at my 2015… 🍃

What is your one word for 2016? I’m still praying about mine. 🙂

To end off, here are a few of my top posts for 2015:

💜 Loved, just as I am 

💗 Carrying the beautiful 

💙 I’m back!

💚 Honest Bee

💛 Whispers for your weekend

I pray it blesses you! Let’s welcome 2016 with a heart of thanksgiving. 


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