whispers for your weekend 💛

It had been a while, but it was nice doing what we used to do before Ellie came along – enjoying simple meals outside, together. 🙂 I especially enjoyed our desserts. I’ve such a sweet tooth, haha…

💕 May your weekend be full of thanksgiving. 

For boisterous children’s fingerprints all over your fridge, to remind you that you’ve these sweet souls to care for. 

For beds to be made and dishes to be cleaned and laundry to be made, to remind you that you have been so well-provided with the essentials and more. 

For messy corners and sky-high paperwork piled for weeks, to remind you that these are the days that you’re living…it’s your life, filled with many ordinary yet sacred moments – don’t miss any of it. 

Let’s run this race with our eyes fixed on the Author and Perfector of our faith. You run in your lane, and I’ll run in mine. All of us running towards the Home that God has placed in our hearts.

+something to read and ponder on this weekend – on the wonderful ministry of motherhood: Owning Your Motherhood by Sally Clarkson 💚

God bless you!


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