Thanksgiving for January :)

It was a bumpy start of the year for me, mainly because of physical discomfort from breastfeeding issues. Had to go for surgery in mid-Jan, and it was crazy pain. 😖 But! God’s grace amazingly saw me through the ordeal, and I was honestly just looking foward to quickly having it sorted so I could finally have a genuine sense of a “brand new year”…a “fresh start”. 

I love a blank slate. 🙂 It represents so much. 

New dreams, new possibilities, new hopes, new mercies every morning from my good Lord. 

And Ellie has settled into a more stable routine now, and smiles a lot at people she’s familiar with. It’s such a joy to see. She’s quite a chatty little one too, and babbles a lot especially during nap time, haha. 

So thankful for the new things that God is working in my heart about, and I’m looking foward to seeing how this 2016 turns out to be. 💪🏻💖

Let’s have a fun and blessed year ahead! 


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