Everyday routine

Now that Ellie is 3 months old, we’ve settled rather nicely into a regular routine. Some days are a bit different, especially when we bring her out, but for the most part, we try to stick to it as much as possible. 

It has been one of the most helpful things to have as a stay-home mum. Juggling a few things, yet at your own pace, honestly requires a lot of discipline!

Here’s her routine at 3 months:

7am wake time, Bren feeds and plays with her while I prepare her bath items.

8am bath time, and nap right after

I usually take this time to get a bath myself, and if I can squeeze in a bit of exercise before that, I already consider the morning a win. ✌🏻️

10am next feed, a few minutes of tummy time, and nap at 11am

This is the time I prepare my lunch, and once a week, I order a bento set to be delivered, so I don’t have to think of what to cook, haha. 

1pm next feed, change her diapers, play with her and nap at 2pm

I try to complete as much housework as I can during this nap time. 

4pm next feed, and I bring her to the nearby park for a stroll if the weather permits. I notice that she’s usually quite knocked out after that and so she naps pretty easily at 5pm.

Between 5-630pm, I prepare dinner and freshen myself up before Bren comes home. I freshen Ellie up at 630pm, she takes her next feed at 7pm, and goes for bedtime right after. 

If Bren happens to be home early, he gets to see her before she sleeps. 🙂 She then sleeps from 730pm to 12midmight, we wake her for a dream feed, then she wakes for another feed around 5+am, sleeps and wakes at 7am, where another day starts again. 

Of course the timing is not specific to the dot, but it does give me a useful guideline to regulate her day and give her a secure sense of what to expect. Thankful that she sleeps long enough at night too, so Bren and I can have our time together and watch a bit of tv. 😛 

It’ll be interesting to see how it develops in the months to come! 


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