A breastfeeding thanksgiving :)

Thinking back on the past {almost 4} months, gratitude and amazement just swell up in my heart, for I know that only God’s grace could have seen me through the ups and downs of this breastfeeding journey. 

It was one filled with several challenges and obstacles, none of which I could have predicted nor overcome, if not for the sheer strength provided by God. Supply was slow in coming in, I received unexpected pressure from people around me, soon after I  experienced blocked ducts, engorgement, mastitis, and in January, I went for breast abscess surgery. It was also difficult to find time to express out, since I was home alone most of the time and Ellie cried a lot in the first 2 months. 

But God is ever faithful, and He has truly turned things around. 🙂 Ellie is now more adjusted to a routine, so I have more time to express. And instead of a low supply, miraculously I now have a ton of excess. 

One morning, the output was so much that I kept praying it will not spill. For it’ll be such a waste if any of it leaked out! 

When I finished the pumping session, I carefully twisted open the bottle, and was so relieved to see this:

It was just perfect! 

I was so happy, decided to take a picture as a testament of God’s faithfulness, even in the smallest aspects of our lives. It truly is a reminder for me to surrender this breastfeeding journey to Him. 

Very thankful for Bren who has been quietly cleaning up my pump parts every night and sterilizing it after my last pump session too. It is teamwork, and I couldn’t ask for a better team-player. 🙂

Have no idea how long I’ll continue to breastfeed Ellie, but each time I encounter difficulties, all I need to do is to look at her sweet face, smile and surrender it to our faithful God. For He will provide, He will lead, He will show His miracles, in the most ordinary yet amazing ways. 


2 thoughts on “A breastfeeding thanksgiving :)

  1. mummywords says:

    hugs, doing great Mummy, don’t worry too much, i think a day gained is a day gained 🙂 oh, you might wanna prepare another clean bottle at your side, can plug that in when the first bottle is almost full, might take the stress away 🙂

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