Hi hi! 

Dropping a note to see if anyone is still reading this, hur hur. 😂 

A lot has happened from the time I decided to give blogging a break. Many positives, but a huge heartache too. 

We’re all made differently, and have different approaches to life. There’s bound to be “sandpaper people” sent your way for the refinement of your character. But honestly, it’s doubly tough when it’s a loved one who hurts you.

I hit rock bottom during this Mother’s Day weekend. I lost it when hurt after hurt was hurled at me, yet…sigh. I can’t even bring myself to describe the insanity.

If anything, the heartbreaking episode reminded me how important it is as a mum, for me to bring Ellie up in the fear and knowledge of God, to always guide her according to what is morally right, never leaving her to second-guess the gray areas. There are certain lines you never cross. There are certain things you just don’t do. It’s hurtful. 

But God’s plans are higher than my own. His ways are beyond my comprehension. So I’ll forgive and draw strength from this, and continue relentlessly loving, but I’m drawing healthy boundaries for my family’s sake and my sanity too. 

God is good, and as I processed the past few months, I felt I did accomplish what I intended to – which was to remain more in the present moment with Ellie and my loved ones. After this episode though, I realised how much I missed writing and recording my thoughts. It’s a healing process for me, and recording them allows my focus to shift away from the hurt and pain, and towards the daily blessings of God.

He reminds me that He is a just God, and I need to be still. To trust Him, and embrace others with unconditional love, even when it’s illogical and difficult. It’s when everything in me wants to pull away and escape the realities of life, that I need to pluck my soul even deeper into the reality of God’s loving presence. 

So I’m blogging again 🙂 but in a new platform. I find it easier to record the day to day stuff over at Dayre, because it’s easier to blog on my mobile when I’m chasing after an active 6 month old 😅 so I’m exploring it and if I’m comfy, I think I’ll move for good. Would you join me too?? 🙂 

My new site:  https://dayre.me/snugglesandkisses

Even in the midst of heartaches, God says He is with me. I want to open my eyes to how He is loving me, and to know that man cannot do anything to me, because my God is for me. 💪🏻

The recent Mother’s Day thanksgiving moments…

Okie friends, I hope we get to catch up soon! 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Hi hi! 

  1. Cayce says:

    I still have you on my feed, and definitely I’ll love to follow your updates on Dayre (although I don’t update there anymore!).

    I hope the worst of the heartbreaks from this particular episode is over, and you’ll heal from it soon. do by what you feel is right. 🙂 take care dear!

    • cookiesrainandlove says:

      Thank you dear friend! Always appreciate your words of concern. 🙂 Um, I decided to go back to WordPress instead, haha…..I’ll probably use Dayre to follow some friends.

      I’ll be blogging at this instead – snugglesandkisses.net

      See ya!

  2. mummywords says:

    nice to read from you again 🙂 not sure how Dayre works, will try it out soon! take care, come write often, and you’ll find our support here no matter what happens! 🙂

    • cookiesrainandlove says:

      Aww thank you so much. 🙂 really means a lot!

      Um, don’t need to bother with Dayre, haha. Decided to come back to WordPress instead, but at a new site – snugglesandkisses.net

      See ya!

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