A letter to myself 

Dear Jacinta,

The fact that your Mac & cheese was a flop, doesn’t mean that you are a flop. Though it must’ve been disappointing, spending a long hour on it and having it fail miserably. Well, at least you managed to salvage a portion of it for breakfast tomorrow. Thank God your husband isn’t that picky, and will eat most of the stuff you cook. Most of the stuff. 

Maybe you should take out that coconut juice that you’ve been saving up for and cheer yourself with it. That should help you feel better. 

Again, you are not the Mac & cheese. The Mac & cheese was a flop, not you. Maybe just avoid making Mac & cheese for a while, ahem.

Yup, now go have your coconut. 😁



Cherry Banana Smoothie Bowl

I adapted it using THIS recipe as the base, and Bren finished it up! Trying to get him to take more fruits {especially cherries}, so this was an excellent way. 

Love the colors! 


Sweet potato pancakes

Made some sweet potato pancakes this morning and I find the magic ingredient is the onions! Makes it very savory. 🙂 

The rest of the ingredients were: 2 eggs, 3 tbsp almond flour and salt + pepper to taste. Fried the mixture for about 2-3 minutes on each side.

Bren loves savoury breakfasts, so was happy with the result. 😉


Kranji countryside Farmers Market

We visited the Kranji countryside Farmers Market yesterday, and the atmosphere was so good! People were milling around, trying different food items, fishing with their children, and buying fresh produce so excitedly that it got Bren and I very curious and excited too. We even bumped into friends from church who were there with their daughter! 

It was a very lovely time, enjoying the samples, listening to oldies sung by such active and young-at-heart elderlys, we left feeling very entertained and inspired. 

We bought goat’s milk, prawn crackers, almond butter and eggs. Very satisfied! ☺️


Beef & Veg Frittata

This breakfast was surprisingly filling! Had 2 small slices, and was full till lunch {compared to my usual need to snack on something around 10 every morning, haha}.

I used kale, sweet potatoes and onions for the vegetable portion. Bren enjoys beef, so added that too. Topped it off with a strawberry smoothie to make it healthier!