Honest Bee

Thanks to Lynn for the recommendation, I gave this online grocery shopping site a try. So far, I’ve ordered twice from them, and service has been prompt! 

It is especially helpful since I have been avoiding carrying heavy items, but still want to do a bit of cooking and baking once in a while. I also like that they do not charge you till they’ve confirmed the items’ availability on the day of delivery. Ordering is a breeze too.

There’s a discount for first-time customers (minimum $10), and Lynn has a coupon code that’s good for the month of September (minimum $30): see HERE

My delivery this afternoon even came with complimentary mooncakes!

The mooncakes were handed to me from a young lady dressed in Chang Er costume, haha. I had just woken up when they arrived, so when she asked to take a photo with me, I was confused but obliged. I just hope I didn’t look too groggy! 😅


My Homemaking Journey: March ’15

Since I’ve had about 2 weeks worth of the stay-home wife experience, I thought it would be nice to jot down my thoughts as each month passes. It’s such a new journey, and I don’t want to take the things I learnt, and things I’m still in the process of learning, for granted. And hopefully, with each month that passes, my homemaking journey will grow into one that continues to glorify Him, the One who is the Center of our marriage.

In February, the huge difference was how I intentionally made time for me. It wasn’t that I didn’t do it in the past, but as a homemaker, it’s very easy to get caught up in doing many things for others, and as a result, neglecting yourself. You tend to dismiss your desires, and before you know it, the irritable, short-tempered person takes over the sweet, sweet personality that your husband usually sees. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way??

We need to serve out of what we already have. We cannot give others what we do not have.

So I’m learning that I’ve to first make sure that my needs are met, to set aside time to just be nourished.

Here are a few of my favorites:
💛 reading a good novel at the couch
💙 baking something delicious
💜 watching the sun set @ Harbourfront
💚 taking a stroll @ Botanical Gardens
❤️ enjoying the breeze @ East Coast Park
💗 getting a magazine & sipping on soup-of-the-day at a cafe in town


When I take better care of myself, Bren gets greeted by a more cheerful wife. I’m every bit better for him when I’m in a cheerful spirit. I have more capacity in my heart to listen to his work woes, more energy to simply be there for him, not feeling drained out by the time he comes home. The atmosphere at home is so important in affecting our moods, and I believe that as wives, we have the ability to set the tone at home to be one of good cheer, one that is loving…but it all begins first by our hearts being taken care of.

💗 my little love note for you: so go ahead – make that spa appointment, arrange something special just for yourself…do something that you’ll enjoy {without necessarily spending a bomb}! You are so loved, by our Almighty Father. 🙂


Am all sniffy, shivering in the clinic, waiting for my turn to see the doctor. So annoying to be ill at the start of the year, haha..but thankful that it’s not during a peak period at work, and I can fully claim it from Bren’s company. Have been sneezing for a while since end of last year, but it got worse 2 days back. So I’d better rest.

Had a very fruitful afternoon yesterday though, reading and praying for direction for this new year. The grace in the midst {of all my sneezing}, was how God revealed His portion for me as a homemaker in this new season.

From the moment we exchanged vows, have always been aware of the unique portion He has entrusted to me as a wife – as Bren’s help-mate, but this time it’s a deeper work that He’s calling me to do. To not just care for Bren as per what I’ve been doing these past 4 years, but allowing myself to actually learn and hone the art of homemaking.

And as with every type of art, it takes commitment, skill and time. So I’m reminding myself to embrace every opportunity to learn, and trust that God will use it for His glory.

To start off, I’m making sure that I hone my cleaning routine. To be more efficient, and to see having a clean home as a sermon of hope, and an area of service. I pray that each time Bren comes home from work, when I welcome him back, he’ll actually truly find comfort and refuge…a place of rest, away from this messy {& noisy} world. & piled up laundry just isn’t going to do that. 😋

I was honestly so inspired last night as I jotted thoughts down, I couldn’t help sharing it with my group of wives too. After all, we’ve got to band together in prayer & tips! Hee..hee..

A few evenings ago, Bren and I watched “Up” again. It’s been a long while, but the storyline and adorable interactions still inspires and cracks us up.


We are starting life afresh. Afresh with a new perspective and a new calling to this adventure that He is inviting us to. I’m letting go of the world’s expectations {I mean, how impressive is it to say that I’m a stay-home wife/homemaker? It’s very humbling. Y’know what I mean…}, and letting go of the voices inside of me that many times do not echo the Word of God…and I’m choosing to fill my soul with what He says, because ultimately that’s all that matters.

Here are my anchor verses for this new season:

Proverbs 31:27
She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Titus 2:5
to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the Word of God.

Proverbs 14:1
The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish tears hers down.

Lord, help me. I don’t want to be the foolish woman. I yearn to build up this home You’ve entrusted for me. Show me how to do this new calling that You’re leading me to. May You be glorified in our marriage. ❤️

Time to bake some scones! 🍞


The weather has been very rainy & cold lately. Though I love the rain, I’m thankful to be nice & comfy at home when it pours. To combat the sniffles during year end periods, I love preparing warm honey lemon ginger tea. It’s so simple, comforting & nourishing.


& I’ve started wearing socks to keep myself warm when I sleep too. One night, I was so tired & had to ask Bren to get a pair of socks for me. He ended up giving me his pair of socks, cos we were a bit slow on completing laundry that week, haha. It was quite funny & special!

Keep warm! Sending lots of love…❤️

Cleaning the Sink

Cleaning the Sink

There’s such beauty in completing household chores.

Ever since Bren and I got our own home, it’s been a learning journey in how to best care for it.

One of my favorite is to REALLY clean the dishes and sink. It’s so therapeutic in its own special way, especially on a relaxing rainy afternoon, when I can reward myself with some yummy chocolates and hot tea after that.

Our souls, in the same way, need to be cleansed too, and it’s only by His power and grace that we’re able to do so…

And so I pray that as Bren and I embark on this 2 weeks vacation together to celebrate 2 years of marriage blessed by Him, we’ll be able to have our hearts and souls purified by Him.

Have a blessed weekend!